Vertical Grow Shelf System

Autopilot PPM-5 CO2 Controller

Phantom Double Ended Instructional Guide

Phantom II CMh 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Digital Ballast

Phantom 50 Series Commercial DE Open Lighting System with USB Interface

Salad Box Passive Hydroponic System by Hydrofarm

The Plant Strapper by Hydrofarm

Active Aqua Submersible Pump Bottom Draw Adapter from Hydrofarm – Introduction

oxyCLONE Cloning System from Hydrofarm – Introduction

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Hydrofarm introduces the new Autopilot PX1 Digital Lighting Controller

Getting Started with the Upstart Garden Mat

Hydrofarm Hot House with Heat Mat, tray, 72 cell insert, 7.5" humidity dome

Mini Sunburst® MH w/Lamp

Mini Sunburst HPS 150 W w/Lamp

Phantom II Digital Ballast

Quantum Dimmable Digital Ballasts

Xtrasun Variable Watt E-ballast

Raptor 8-inch Reflector

Xtrasun 8-inch Air Cooled Reflector

Radiant 8-inch Air Cooled Reflector

Daystar Air Cooled Reflector

Active Aqua Premium White Flood Trays