From Smart Pots to Tater Tots: Growing Potatoes Hydroponically

By Hydrofarm’s Peyam Barghassa


Growing potatoes hydroponically is easier than you might think, and a lot cleaner than growing them in soil! I used a large Smart Pot filled with Grodan Absorbent Granulate. I soaked the Grodan in pH 5.5 water and let it drain. Then soaked it once more in pH 5.5 water with some veg nutrient. I filled the Smart Pot about ¾ of image.phpthe way full. Then I placed the germinating potato pieces on the granulate. I then filled the Smart Pot the rest of the way with more wet granulate. I made up more nutrient solution and poured it over the granulate. That’s pretty much it. Every time I watered, I added a little nutrient to the water. I used nutes higher in P and K rather than N; especially at the later 2014-06-12_16-46-12_587stages of growth.

The potatoes that I harvested needed only a single rinse since I didn’t have to scrub off any soil. Next time, I’m going to try carrots and other root crops in the granulate!