Hydrofarm Light Track System, 6'


The Hydrofarm Light Track eliminates shading and allows more even growth and development. It's a simple way to increase your harvest. The Hydrofarm Light Track slowly moves your fixture back and forth along its length, simulating the effect of the sun travelling across the sky. It takes about 20 minutes to travel 6 feet.

  • Swiss-made motor
  • Chain driven—simple and reliable
  • Available in 4' or 6' lengths
  • Best value on the market

Maximum fixture weight: 20 lbs.


4.9 lbs.
73.3L x 2.5W x 6.0H
1 Year

How do I re-attach my Hydrofarm Light Track trolly to the chain?

The Hydrofarm Light Track has a small pin that attaches the trolly to the chain. There is one link in the chain that is big enough to fit the pin. Refer to the above PDF for a closer look.