Upstart Vegetable Mat, 2' x 3'



Hydrofarm's Upstart Garden Mat couldn't be simpler to use-just roll the mat out on your prepared patch, staple it down, attach your hose, and then plant seeds using the included seed balls. Available in herb, vegetable and flower versions, you just plant the seed balls into the mat's various labeled planting sites and press them into their respective spots. Water them in, then irrigate daily for 10-15 minutes (or as needed) and watch them grow!

The Upstart Garden Mat keeps your plants organized as it blocks weeds, and the built-in soaker hose makes watering simple. This product is designed to help get you started growing your own food and herbs, removing the hassles of planting and replacing them with joy of gardening.


  • 3.5' flat soaker hose
  • 7 Steel garden stakes
  • 2' x 3' BPA-free mat
  • Appropriate number of seed balls


Wooden box sold separately


  • Carrots - 9 each
  • Tomato - 1 each
  • Spinach - 6 each
  • Beets - 6 each
  • Salad Bowl - 4 each
  • Pepper - 1 each

Benefits of the Upstart Garden Mat:

  • Major reduction in garden setup time
  • Built-in weed barrier
  • Reduces water use by up to 70%
  • Low maintenance
  • Built-in irrigation
  • Grows a large variety of food plants in an organized grouping
  • Great educational tool to teach children the joy of gardening
1.2 lbs.
12.6L x 4.4W x 4.4H

How can I prevent the water in my EZ Clone from getting so hot?

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What's the difference between Oasis Horticubes and Rootcubes?

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What happens to the setting on my MTPRTC if the power goes out?

The MTPRTC will remember its setting if power is lost. If the unit is reset for some reason, the default setting is 80F.

What do the error codes mean on my Heat Mat Thermostat?

E1: temperature is below the low limit. Or the temperature sensor has an open circuit. E2: the temperature sensor has a short circuit. E3: temperature is above the high limit. To reset the MTPRTC: Unplug the unit and then while pressing the set bu

Can the digital heat mat thermostat adjust its setpoints above or below the factory programmed 68 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit?

No. You cannot adjust above or below these setpoints.

Will the digital heat mat thermostat work on a modified sine wave inverter?

No, doing so will damage the thermostat and disrupt temperature control of the heat mat.

If product is molding or fermenting, what is the issue?

It should not mold or ferment. If it does, return to the retailer.

Is bloating normal?

No, aside from changes in altitude.