Tropicoco Moisture Retaining Potting Mix, 1.5 cu ft

Tropicoco Moisture Retaining is a premium potting mix made from coconut coir and perlite, supplemented with natural ingredients. The combination of coir and perlite give Tropicoco Moisture Retaining the ability to hold water while still offering excellent drainage. Guanos, worm castings, and other ingredients have been added to complete this high quality growing medium. 

Use Tropicoco Moisture Retaining in containers, self-watering planters, and drain-to-waste systems. For recirculating hydroponics systems, Tropicoco Moisture Retaining should be used with fabric planters.  

Ingredients: Coconut coir, perlite, worm castings, seabird guano, bat guano, dolomite lime (pH control)

• Coco coir and perlite based
• Supplemented with natural ingredients
• Ideal for vegetative growth indoors and self-watering planters outdoors

Net Contents 1.5 cu ft (42.52 L)
34.0 lbs.
27.5L x 18.3W x 3.7H

Is there a nutrient charge (fertilizer) added to these GROW!T mixes?

Tropicoco Fast Draining has a very mild nutrient charge, including the ingredients on the bag, and one natural, proprietary ingredient.

Tropicoco Moisture Retaining has the same ingredients, offers a higher nutrient charge, and additional nutrients might not be required for the first few days of growth.

Turf & Surf has very low nutrient content. Plants grown in this mix should be fed nutrients right away! Turf & Surf does not contain guano, and has very low nitrogen content. Other popular brands have very high nitrogen levels added during manufacturing, which can cause problems for growers who like to feed right away, or want to use it as a flowering soil. With Turf & Surf, growers can start feeding from day 1, with growth boosted by alfalfa, fish, kelp, and mycorrhizae, but no worries about burned crops. Recent samples of these potting mixes tested as follows (slurry test, 1:1 soil and RO water): 

Tropicoco Moisture Retaining – 1.2 EC, 6.0pH
Tropicoco Fast Draining – 0.8 EC, 6.0 pH
Turf & Surf – 0.2 EC (very low, clean), ph 5.7 (lower due to wood content, excellent pH for fast nutrient uptake)

How can I best use these three GROW!T potting mixes?

Tropicoco Fast Draining is a premium potting mix for indoor use. It is designed for vigorous flowering growth and heavy yields. This mix is not recommended for outdoor use.

Tropicoco Moisture Retaining is the same mix with less perlite. As a result, this mix holds more water, but still offers excellent drainage. Indoors, this mix is ideal for the vegetative stage, where it helps mimic spring soil conditions. It also works well for flowering, for those growers who wish to water their plants less often. In OUTDOOR settings, this is a great flowering mix.

Turf & Surf was inspired by a popular mix used in Northern California. It holds the most water of all three mixes, so it’s perfect for sunny outdoor settings. This product has no added fertilizer and is designed to be used with your own preferred brand of nutrients. It is ready to feed, right out of the bag, and will not burn plants. This heavier mix was designed for outdoor use, but works indoors as well. Indoor growers are encouraged to add approximately 20% perlite to Turf & Surf before planting.

How much perlite do these GROW!T mixes contain?


Tropicoco Fast Draining:  30% Perlite
Tropicoco Moisture Retaining:  20% Perlite
Turf & Surf:  17% Perlite

What wetting agent, if any, is used in them?

No wetting agents were required for these blends, as they are not compressed.

What is the pH of each mix?


Tropicoco Moisture Retaining:  pH 6.0
Tropicoco Fast Draining:  pH 6.0 
Turf & Surf:  pH 5.7 (low pH due to composted wood ingredient, excellent pH for fast nutrient uptake)

How should these potting mixes be stored?

Store them in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Any advice or comments from the designers of these GROW!T mixes?

Tropicoco Moisture Retaining is ideal for indoor vegetative growth. It’s not soggy or muddy, but it does hold a bit more moisture than the Fast Draining version.  This helps to create spring-like conditions for the young roots, encouraging fast, leafy growth for early stages.  This is also a decent outdoor mix, but will require regular waterings.

Tropicoco Fast Draining is ideal for indoor flowering growth, where growers want precision in their watering cycles. This is my personal favorite among the three, with the largest indoor yields on test gardens. Top-shelf product for indoor.  Not recommended for outdoor.

Turf & Surf will be enjoyed by anyone who likes similar, popular soils, but finds them a bit too harsh with the starter charge. It was a struggle to get this soil where we wanted it (very high myco levels, expensive alfalfa supplement, low nitrogen level). In the end, the soil guys were blown away by the plant growth when they tested this mix. Outdoor growers should love it, and indoor guys should be happy as well if they are accustomed to these NorCal style potting soils. I find it too heavy for indoor, unless blended with 20% perlite, in which case it works very well. I really want to hammer home the idea of alfalfa and mycorrhizae. Alfalfa naturally contains triacontanol, which may encourage larger cell growth for big leaves and stems, while the mycorrhizae colonies assist with aggressive root development and feeding.