FoxFarm Bush Doctor Bembe, 1 gal


Bembé is a liquid concentrate that is precisely designed with a complex array of natural sugars. When used as directed, Bembé can help plants achieve enhanced sweetness qualities, while providing a food source for the microbial populations at the root zone.

• Enhances sweetness and flavors
• Contains solubilized organic nutrition
• Fast acting and easily absorbed by plants 

10.0 lbs.
7.0L x 4.5W x 11.3H

What should the temperature of the nutrient solution in my reservoir be?

Nutrient solution is best maintained between 65 and 70 degrees Farenheit for optimal conditions. Water chiller units (item#AACH) are available to maintain specific control if needed.

What does N-P-K stand for on my nutrient?

N-P-K is the abbreviated form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium within a nutrient formula. The numbers labled on a specific formula represent the percentage of that compound. Ex. 2-6-6 is 2 percent Nitrogen and 6 percent Phosphorus and Potassium.

Why use beneficial bacteria and fungi?

These biological organisms colonize on plant roots and in grow medium. They enhance nutrient absorption, increase root mass, as well as promote environmental resistance to disease, pests, heat and drought.