Active Air 20 lb CO2 Tank


Store a large supply of carbon dioxide in a safe, portable container with our 20-pound all aluminum CO2 tank. Sold empty (you must fill with your own supply), the tanks stand 23.2" high and the slim design won't take up much space in your indoor grow room.

Get the best CO2 tanks available. In our tanks, the CO2 cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy. This makes them less heavy than steel tanks and ensures against rust.

All of our carbon dioxide tanks are manufactured in accordance with U.S. DOT 3AL and TC 3ALM requirements. Every cylinder is inspected and tested by a DOT and TC authorized independent inspection agency. 1800 PSI max fill pressure.

24.8 lbs.
23.3L x 8.0W x 32.0H

Will the ACAN12 analog portable air conditioner work on an enivronmental controller?

Yes, this unit will function on an environmental controller or timer device. However, it is highly recommended that a 120V/15A power expansion device be used in conjunction to prevent the unit from tripping the circuit breaker.

My Commercial Dehumidifier diplays "FULL" and isn't dehumidifying. How can I fix this?

First, empty the reservoir. If "FULL" is still displayed, make sure the reservoir tank is inserted fully. The float switch inside the tank must engage another switch inside the unit.

How large of a grow room will this air conditioner sufficiently cool?

This air conditioner unit is recommended for use in a room no larger than a 10'L x 10'W x 8'H with a maximum of (2) 1000W AIR-COOLED lighting systems.

What is the maximum temperature my flexible ducting can safely withstand?

Our flexible ducting has an operating temperature range of -4 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does my analog dehumidifier not seem to be working on the maximum setting?

The analog dehumidifier min-max dial directly corresponds to the amount of humidity in the room. Basically, if set closer to the MIN setting, the humidity in the room will be lower (maximum performance), and if set closer to MAX setting, the humidity in t

How do I convert LP to NG, or vice versa? Or from normal altitude to High Altitude?

Conversion parts are available separately. To convert from LP to NG (or LP to NG), you'll need a new regulator (APCGNGH or APCGLPH), and burners (sold as each, APCGEBNG, or APCGEBLP). To convert to High Altitude, just HA burners are needed (APCGEBLPH, APC

What elevations are Autopilot High Altitude model CO2 generators for?

4500 feet above sea level and above. For 0-4500 feet above seal level, use the standard models.

Why is the black solenoid on my CO2 regulator getting hot?

This is normal, the maximum operating temperature of this unit is 80C/176F. Do not touch the solenoid while the unit is operating.