The Daystar was designed by the country’s top reflector engineers and utilizes the world’s finest and most reflective specular aluminum to deliver the brightest, most uniform, ultra-wide light delivery.  It features a cool-running, double-wall design and patented three-way convection air cooling. Both of which ensure that the Daystar runs up to 75 percent cooler than other reflectors on the market.

Compatible with 400W, 430W, 600W, and 1000W HPS lamps, and metal halide lamps in 400W and 1000W, the Daystar has a rugged pre-galvanized steel housing and proprietary, high-gloss baked electrocoated paint. Its 6" cooling flanges allow the connection of ducting and a powerful ventilation fan (not included) to extract heat—which will lengthen lamp life and keep grow area temperatures under control.

Weighing only ten pounds total, the compact Daystar is easy to hang, and its low-profile design makes it ideal for lower clearance areas. Its small size also reduces interference with sunlight in greenhouse applications. It is even utilized by universities and research labs globally. Instructions, hangers, and lighting recommendations are included. Get your plants under a Daystar, and watch them flourish!

  • Highly Efficient

    Patented Double Wall Design

    The Daystar’s double wall design allows heat to escape through the tunnel-like interior, cooling the specular and the reflector overall. This process helps transfer heat away from the surface of the reflector and the bulb.

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    Highly Efficient

    Built-in Socket and Cordset

    With its integrated E39 socket and 15' cordset, the Daystar is ready to work right out of the box. Just screw in your lamp, connect the power cord to your ballast’s output connection, and you’re set.

    Highly Efficient

    Bright, Uniform, Ultra-Wide Delivery

    The Daystar’s exceptionally uniform and wide light footprint make it the preferred reflector for many growers nationwide and beyond. Its reflector insert is crafted from European reflective aluminum of 99% purity and 95% reflectivity.