Phat Filters, Fans, and Mufflers


The Phat family offers premium products for air ventilation and filtration along with fan noise/air noise suppression.

Phat Fans are high quality inline mixed flow fans capable of medium to high static pressure. This line of fans features aerodynamically optimized airflow, quiet operation, and extremely high efficiency. Their included stable mounting brackets assure easy installation.

Our Phat filters use proven odor-killing technology. They are packed full of high-adsorption-yield, high-density virgin carbon—the very best carbon on the market. The quantity of the carbon plays a role just as the quality does, and the carbon bed in Phat Filters is a true (not rounded up) 2 inches thick, providing more carbon for extended filter life.

The third member of the Phat family is the muffler. Phat Mufflers are placed before or after extraction fans, and significantly reduce the noise signature of air rushing from the fan and through the ducting. They offer an 85% Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), which is the best NRC rating of all mufflers on the market. Their lightweight aluminum construction makes them very easy to hang, as well as rust-resistant.

Check into the Phat family and gain full control of your grow room ventilation, filtration, and noise suppression.

  • Highly Efficient


    For the ultimate in carbon filtration of air, you can’t beat Phat filters. Packed with the best carbon available on the market to a true bed depth of two inches, they will effectively eliminate all organic odors from a space when paired with a ventilation fan of compatible CFM rating. Available in a wide selection of sizes.

    Highly Efficient


    Phat fans are the choice when you need the power, performance and reliability of an intelligently-engineered ventilation fan. Use them for room extraction, intake, and air-cooling of HID lighting. Quiet, efficient, and designed to deliver, Phat fans are premium quality mixed-flow inline fans that will blow you away!

    Highly Efficient


    Phat mufflers will dramatically reduce the noise signature from your inline fans and from air rushing through your ducting, making for a safer and quieter grow room both inside and outside of the room. They are very light in weight as well as rust-resistant, due to their aluminum construction.